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My turn

Ok, let me vent! lol My marathon was aweeesommme! You guys have got to do one, even if it's a 5k, 10k, my hubby is sooo pumped up now, he really wants to start running. There was 622 of us out of over 700 that registered. I was #357 out of everyone, and I got #151 out of 330 females. Tooootally suprised. I'm so happy, and proud of myself, I felt like a looser when half a mile towards the finish line this lil old lady passed me up! I was like WHAT! whatever! I was so out of it by then I just said...gone lady! lol But then after crossing the finish line, like 10 mins later this 6.5ft  tall guy comes, and I felt so much better! he he.

I wonder, what took me so long, I never ever ever imagined myself running a half marathon, and now I can't stop thinking about how many more can I do! I may not have the perfect body but it's so passed that now, I really don't care, it'll come, the toning up, the abs, I just feel like I've met a goal and it's only the beginning! So, I'm gonna start training to run a full marathon, White Rock Lake, after I recooperate from this walkathon tho'.

Well ya'll have a good wkend, and get on that treadmill!


Well Hello there Princess.

OK, you guys have got to try these ab exercises, I credit my long run to these, I can totally feel a difference, and I"ve been doing these for at least 3 wks now. I also noticed all of the 'pro's' at the gym doing them. the superman, bridge, side plank, and plank lift in particular. I can totally see muslce definition in my thighs, and bye bye cellulite, it's all gone, I mean, completely, and this is from someone who back in the summer had major hail damage!!! LOL


More Snack Ideas....

Just thought I'd share what has been helping me feel "full" throughout the day!!!!  Just a few snacks that are easy, quick and pack well for those on the go or for work!!!

1.  one piece of toast, slice SOY cheese, tomato slice.
2.  handfull of almonds
3.  Oranges (great fiber source)
4.  baby carrots
5.  Edamame (my fav and a great protein source)
6.  granola and fat free yogurt

That's about it!!!  Now don't eat these ALL in one day..LOL!  Unless this is all you eat!  J/K. 

Happy Snacking!

Welcome Princess!!!

I wanted to just say a quick "welcome" to our newest member...PRINCESS!!!!!  Say hello ladies!!


So I think it was a big mistake to book a half marathon and a walkathon just one week away. I ran 14.5 miles this Sat., straight no walking, just a few 5 mins. breaks to get a drink or get the feeling back in my legs. It took me 2.25. I am so sore, I had no idea. yesterday, I couldn't even get up out of the seat by myself. And on top of that all 3 of my kids are sick. boooo. It was fun tho' running that much, I've never ever done that b4, and if I did, it was walk half run half, but this time I didn't, I wanted to get the feel of the half marathon. Anyway, I'm exhausted. How are you girls doing?? I can't wait for Dancing w/the Stars tonight, it always makes me want to ummm.....starve myself, ummm tan, work out. lol

check it out

 hey ladies, 
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 so it's been a while since i spoke with the group.  Hello Everyone.  The last month I've been just bad.  I haven't gained any weight but I haven't lost any either.  But I've got a goal a friends wedding so after I go on my cruise i'm back to the gym everyday (you guys hold me to that!)  I leave in 7 days for a week, so please be praying for a fun safe trip!  thanks Ladies

hope everyone is doing well-- way to go Kelly!

Up Up Up

Ok, so I was reallllllly beating myself up lately because my weight plummeted again!! I gained back the 2 lbs that I had lost coming back from the cruise! I'm at 138. and I have been eating horribly, I mean, this weekend, I had 3 b-day parties, so my wkend was full of fajitas, rice, beans, cake, enchiladas, more cake! ugh. I ate 3 candy bars in one day. BUT, at my nephew's b-day party, I hadn't seen alot of old friends, some over a yr or 2 ago, so I got alot of compliments, I mean, alot. One friend even referred to me as 'tiny' he he. I was loving it. And it brought back memories of my size 12'ves. I had been keeping my old clothes, I dont' know why, just in case, but I cleaned out my closet! Anything over a size 6 is outta there! No more kadonkadonk booty!

So I'm totally pumped and I've been doing great yesterday and today! I vowed not to ever get passed 140 ever again. So, I gotta do what I gotta do. Yes, I've been running like crazy but I"m wasting my time because I've been just overdoing it on the sugar. Well, no sugar today! That's my weakest point. So, come on ladies! If Angelina Jolie can do it, with her brady bunch, so can we!

And congrats to Kelly, I overheard (nosey lol) someone telling you on Sunday that you were losing weight! You go girl!! We have to keep each other motivated! Put that cookie down!


What's Up!

What is up my ladies! This has turned into a graveyard, I see weeds! no no ladies, what's going on? What's your progress, or non progress.  I have been eating horribly!!! I'm back on track, started yesterday, and I said ok, enough is enough, after my cruise, I just couldn't get it back together, the only thing keeping my weight in line, is all my training!
I ran 11 miles on Sat. and I ran/walked anther 8 on Sun. If I could just eat healthier!!! lol I swear, I'm addicted to sugar. barf.

Anyway, I found a new love....I saw a girl at the gym jumproping, at first I was like, whatever, weak, but after I saw her for a while, I was impressed, and she was HOTT. So, I went and bought a jumprope, they run around $10.99, for a good one, I guess, they go up to $20. But WOW, I was outta breathe. It's quick, works your core and if you have a strong core, you run longer, so I totally recommend it!

Have a good week! And if we screw up one day, it's all good, there's always TODAY! ; )


Ok, so I wasnt' able to do my 12 miles (BOOOO) but I did 10, and it was only because I had to take my mom to a checkup. Which worked out great because I went ahead and did one too, my blood pressure is at 117 over something, the lady said it was great! My colesterol was awesome, and I took a test for osteoparosis (however you spell it), the lady said I have very strong bones!!! My mom is border line diabetic and osteo. OH, and I did 7.5 on Sunday. So ladies, it pays off to be healthy! It pumped me up to keep going because I do get tired, very, getting up at 5:30. But I have a marathon to do so I can't give up!! 

I sent some of you an e-mail to see if you guys can help me out w/some donations, I have to raise $2000 and I need your help!! If you didn't get it, and would like to donate, please send me your e-mail and I will send you the info. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. It's for breast cancer. 39 miles in 2 days.